August 28, 2022

What’s their job?


What is their job?

That person you hired into a new role that previously was done by you, or someone else, or shared by a bunch. The one you brought into the team to add weight, or focus, or specialisation. That skill-set that walks into the building every morning but that you barely understand (because you can’t, it’s too early, you haven’t stood shoulder-to-shoulder yet, you haven’t seen them elbow-deep doing their thing) but that you assume can add more value than their cost in cash and distraction and learning curves.

A month into the new world then. What’s their job?

What do you think now? Has your thinking changed since day one of the new world?

What do they think? What have they learned? Are they clearer than they were? Is their version different from yours?

Skippy strategy: One month later, it’s time for the real conversation.