August 27, 2022

The warehouse problem


It’s easy to get sucked into maybes.

When answering the question, what should we do about … this?, some people around the table will use it as a jumping-off point for some or many other things that are on their mind.

What shall we do about the warehouse?, can easily morph into conversations about shipping schedules and staffing levels and charging mechanisms and logistics nightmares and worst-worst-worst case scenario planning.

Whilst they may be useful lenses to look deep into the warehouse problem or mirrors to bend around it, they are not the warehouse problem.

They’re other problems that you’ll examine and deal with in real time if they ever actually materialise.

In the mean time, focus on the question in front of you … what to do about the warehouse?

Skippy strategy: Use lenses, bend light if it helps, but make sure your primary focus in the problem in front of you.