August 29, 2022

It never happens


The dream – you set out exactly what you want and your people do it.

The reality – it never happens, and that’s a good thing.

It never happens because the world is too gnarly to predict in exact details. However hard you try, you’ll miss out on details, the nuances will be missing and you won’t be able to imagine all the variables that will swing into play as soon as you step away. Which means if they do what you say they’re more likely to crash into the sun that orbit the moon.

It’s a good thing because when you give good people a clear objective and some reasonable parameters (your job) they’ll find a way to line up timescale and budget, they’ll seek advice, they work out process, route, toolset, cadence and all the other details, details, details.

Skippy strategy: Set the target and get out of the way.