November 13, 2022

Who fits where


With growth comes challenges. One of the most insidious … lack of personal growth; when the role increases in size or scope but the incumbent is left behind. It starts slowly so no one notices. Gradually, deadlines are being missed, commitments are unfulfilled, the to-do list is stacking up. 

Without looking and without any effort on your part, what was brilliant is now a problem, what you could trust is now something to work around. Eventually you notice. Now it’s time to dig down and work things through.

Inevitably, new growth demands new skills and structures. Start not with the people you have but the roles you need, then see who fits where. Where there are gaps, the hardest step is accepting reality … for you and everyone else. After that, work together to redefine, reposition and build the team you need now.

Skippy strategy: Start with the role, then fill it.