November 12, 2022



You’ve got one problem to fix and seventeen ways that all fit the bill. Nice problem! So many ideas, but which one is the right one? 

Not “right” in that it fixes the problem – if those ideas are as good as you say, they’ll all pretty much sort things out – but “right” for your organisation today: with the resources to hand and that fits your strategy. Right ideas nudge the strategy along and build momentum, wrong ideas (even if they’re otherwise serviceable) clamp the breaks on.

That’s what’s wrong with back door solutions or hiring go-getters who don’t care which rules they break, or letting things slide. If it goes against the strategy, it weakens everything.

If the strategy’s worth its thought process, stick at it. Which means the one-of-seventeen to go with is the one that best fits the strategy.

Skippy strategy: Whatever one drives the strategy, do that.