February 28, 2020

A lot of leaps


In every plan there are things you know how to do and things you don’t. There are assumptions about how long things will take and who will do them. There’s the expectation that the start will be followed inevitably, inexorably, by a successful completion, if only we keep putting one foot in front of the other.

In other words, there are a lot of leaps of faith. A lot.

If it’s your plan and you’re the one doing all the work, you’ll fill in those blanks on the way through and learn whatever lessons you care to take. End of story.

If it’s a bigger plan, and the work is distributed: shine a light on those leaps at the outset, full beam so everyone’s aware; and keep track in real time as you learn the wisdom of the faith.

Skippy strategy: Making the leaps obvious lowers risk and raises learning.