April 28, 2017

A powerful lens


Every problem is a powerful lens.

It lets you see what was otherwise hidden … flaws in your assumptions or thinking or process or product or management.

You can choose to ignore it. You might be able to bluster or bully your way out of it. You could blame the other guy and walk away with anger in your heart.

Or, if you’re smart … every time things go wrong it’s a learning exercise. Every time the prediction doesn’t pan out, look again at the model that misled you and tweak it for next time. Whenever something breaks, examine the cause and design out the weakness. Mine for the hints you didn’t hear and the signs you didn’t see, and pay attention next time around the block.

Getting things wrong might just be the quickest way to getting them right, if you take a proper look.

Skippy strategy: Use the lenses you’re given.