April 27, 2017

No key


We’re in place to do the best job we can. That involves getting other people to also do the best job they can. So our real job is getting everyone working together to get stuff done better-faster-smarter-cheaper than the next alternative.

So it’s about people.

And the thing is … everyone is different.

Everyone likes to be treated how they like to be treated – and they’re all different. Everyone likes to be talked to in a certain way, and that way is different for each person. Everyone has different priorities and desires and ambitions and skills and perspectives and problems and things they’re dealing with.

Everyone is not everyone.

There is no single key that unlocks performance. No formula. No one technique that works on everyone.

Management is as much about them as it’s about you – and it’s a one-to-one business.

Skippy strategy: Each person, individually.