August 16, 2021

An impossible obsession


If you keep tripping up on the same obstacles, over and over, there are only two possible conclusions. Either you don’t have the ability to engineer the issues out of existence, or you don’t care enough to make it happen.

Answer one is a definite maybe. Some problems are insoluble, some are at the edge of the possible – in either situation, tripping up, failing to sink the ball, may just be par for the course. The benchmark then is about doing the best you can, and living with the reality that perfection is just an impossible obsession.

Answer one is also an option. You can’t prioritise everything. But, and it’s a bit but, if you genuinely care about the issue you’ll put it sufficiently high up the list that you’ll do something about it. If you don’t … do you care?

Skippy strategy: Measure (and manage) the things you care about.