May 15, 2018

Care enough


I think we’ve all proved that it’s possible to be busier than is smart; where the amount of time and attention available for any one thing is less than is needed and half of what’s deserved. We skate over the surface of things and then look surprised (embarrassed) when we fall through a hole. Doh!

The problem comes when we add things to our list without thought. Yep, yes, yup, I’ll do it, absolutely, mmhmm, yep. And then we’re over committed and under resourced. Again.

The trick then is to take an extra beat.

Assuming for a moment that you’re clear about what’s involved, decide … (beat) … where and when will it fit, what will have to move out of the way, which commitment is more important, what’s the definition of done?

Ultimately … do I care enough?

Skippy strategy: Only commit to things you care enough about (for whatever reason) to actually deliver.