August 19, 2021

Fix them first


It’s rare that an organisation issue is as simple as one detail going wrong. Most times, when the toe hurts, you find the toe bone connects to the foot, the mouth, the knee, the wrist, the ribs, the other foot and the head. Everything that can have an impact seems to play its part. The discussion rolls around the echo chamber and you can end up bamboozled with no clear idea where to start. Hey ho, we’ve run out of time, let’s pick this up next time we get together. And in the mean time, the issue continues causing problems and all the bones start to rattle.

Or, stick with the issue. Don’t try to diagnose everything and fix everything. Find the biggest and most obvious contributors and fix them first. Then go around again.

In other words, take action, and keep taking action.

Skippy strategy: Stop talking, start doing.