May 10, 2018

Fully resource


When your team is overwhelmed with all the things they’re working on, it’s smart to organise those things into projects. Thing is, when you organise everything into projects, you’re now just overwhelmed with the project work. You’ve found just one more way of filling every hour with things you’re not fulfilling against.

The problem isn’t in the project way of working, it’s in the (lack of) prioritisation of the projects.

Want faster progress? Put all the work into projects, rank them from most-important to nice-to-have. Now, fast, grading from the top, work out which projects you can fully resource right now. If you could ONLY do the projects you can fully resource … are these the projects? Wriggle a little to sort your priorities better.

Now, no half measures … focus where you can fully resource.

Skippy strategy: Work out what you have the resources to do, and do only that.