May 11, 2018

Option two


On the other side of the table … you have very little control. Sure you can bring some jeopardy to bear, some time pressure, some decision gateways, but in the end you’re in their hands; they’ll make the decision they feel is right for them, no matter what. And whilst they decide … you … ho hum … no choice but to … wait.

And that might mean hanging around. A lot. For longer than is comfortable. Until it’s really uncomfortable.

On your side of the table … way more control. You too can sloooow things down, buy some time, take it easy, wait for responses, allow for self organisation, hang around for consensus. Or, option two: you could push things along, control the clock, make demands, hire more people, expedite, take quick decisions, Jack be nimble, dance on a thimble. 

Take the fast track – crank the engine.

Skippy strategy: Don’t wait around on your side. Push.