March 1, 2023

Hard edges


At the margins, there’s no more room. When the pint pot is brimming, it’s full. Any attempt to squeeeeeze just a little bit extra, and something’s gonna spil. It’s physics.

How much time you have, work you can do, responsibilities you can take on, hurdles you can jump. There’s just so much you can do and no more. That’s capacity. 

Sure, most times, a little bit of plus-sizing can be done. Right up until it can’t. Then you’re maxed, your team is maxed, your resources are maxed. What was maybe just possible, isn’t.

Then … when you’re asked for something more … and you add it to the pile, the edifice come crashing down. It’s a set-up … for failure.

Don’t do that.

Prioritise, obviously (renegotiate commitments – this takes dialogue) or add capacity (delegate, hire, use technology, manufacture time – also involving dialogue).

The best option? Don’t overcommit.

Skippy strategy: Capacity has hard edges.