April 19, 2022

If it fits


If it fits in a spreadsheet, build the spreadsheet.

If it’s time to write the web page, write the web page.

If what you need is a white paper, knock out that white paper.

If the best way to explain is a slide deck, craft that deck.

If a picture is worth those thousand words, find someone to draw the picture.

If the reason you’re not making something clear is because it’s hard, or because of lack of agreement, or because everything is muddy, then the best way forward is to knuckle down and get it done anyway. Stand around a whiteboard, start the process, encourage the debate, argue until clarity emerges – even at the conceptual level. Then work the problem, find the through-line, craft it into shape and share it wherever it needs to be shared.

Skippy strategy: Make things clearer today, and make them clearer tomorrow.