December 15, 2019

It wanders

When things are working well, when business as usual is good business and everything is tick-tocking along it’s easy to take it for granted. Slowly, slowly your attention moves elsewhere as you convince yourself that because things are going well, they will continue to go well. You check less often, ask fewer questions, stop noticing the early indicators and don’t keep your eye on the needle.

And things drift. Little by little, the new normal isn’t the old normal. And it shifts again. And at some point – you know not when or how or where – it wanders outside of the lines and drifts into the grass.

The answer: when things are good, work out what equals good equals and put alerts in place. When they tell you things are drifting, pay attention and get back on the bubble.

Skippy strategy: Put alerts in place and pay attention when they ring.