January 31, 2022

It’s your meeting


Ever been in one of those meetings where you’ve all agreed the course of action but everyone keeps talking about it anyway, circling back and repeating justifications or expounding, again, on why the now agreed route should, indeed, be agreed? Or how about one where there’s clearly not enough information to make a decision but you keep chewing over what scant data you have and rueing the need for more. Or maybe one that’s a simple rehash of the one you had last week or month, with minor updates but nothing, actually, to discuss.

Call time.

Make sure every meeting has a purpose, every topic has a reason for being on the agenda, that decisions are documented, actions are noted and shared, and that everyone drives towards the finish line rather than around the houses.

Skippy strategy: If it’s your meeting, it’s on you to make it make sense.