February 1, 2022

Accept it’s difficult


Yep. It’s difficult. There will be complications and problems, the technology won’t be ready when and how you want it, the people will be difficult to find, the regulations may nudge you off your chosen path. Some of the people around you, whom you expect to help, will come up with it’ll never work and we’ve tried this before objections. There will be days when it all seems too much and when the path disappears into the mist.

Build your team with people who always find a way. Accept it’s difficult. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it shouldn’t be done, or it won’t be done by you. All those obstacles? They’re just obstacles – and getting past obstacles are table stakes when you bring new things to the world. 

Skippy strategy: Surround yourself with the right kind of people, then get busy with the work of finding the way.