July 31, 2022

Just one thing


I’ll do the important thing next, after just one thing I need to do first.

It’s never just one thing. You can never postpone the important thing with this other, just one thing, that also needs doing. Well, you can postpone, but there’s always another just one thing. They never stop coming. The life you’ve chosen is about doing all those just one things. If all you ever did was deal with those just one things you’d never do anything else.

Without discipline, that thing will be interrupted by the next thing, and that next thing will be the just one thing that needs doing before you do the original just one thing. And down you’ll go.

Do the important thing. Prioritise the important thing. Get on with the important thing.

And when time allows, just one other thing.

Skippy strategy: To do important things, prioritise over every other thing.