November 2, 2023

Make this better


Just for the moment, accept that one of your top jobs is to innovate. What would that mean?

Actually, just for the moment, what wouldn’t it mean? It wouldn’t mean having a bunch of brilliant ideas. It wouldn’t mean having to have all the ideas yourself. It wouldn’t mean building some huge idea-making machine.

Because it’s not about ideas.

It’s about a question – what could we do to make this better?

It’s about working out what the answers tell you – oh, so that means …

And doing something about it – let’s do this.

Innovation doesn’t happen on your own in a darkened room. It happens out there, in the world, when new ideas get adopted by your team and your partners and your customers … to make their life better.

It’s about doing, and it’s about them.

Skippy strategy: It isn’t an innovation until someone does something that changes something.