February 12, 2022

Maybe this


Things get stuck. Maybe it’s a difficult situation and no one’s clear on what comes next, maybe there’s a difficult person involved (maybe that person is you), maybe the technology isn’t ready of the philosophy isn’t sorted or there are plenty of other things that feel a little bit easier and a little bit more urgent, and maybe we’re all just working on something else.

Either way we’re stuck, it’s stuck, the whole thing has ground to a halt and is stuck in stickiness.

So add a little energy, oil the wheels, nudge the flywheel and move it on. Send the email, make the call – work out what you want to say and make the suggestion. Maybe this.

Worst case, nothing happens – which is where you were before. Best case, the gears engage and the gravel track crunches as things move forward.

Skippy strategy: Get the wheels moving again.