March 30, 2020

Not knowing


When you start to worry about something, three fifths, four fifths is the not knowing exactly what you’re worrying about. More, it’s not knowing the impact of the thing you’re supposed to be worried about. The financial impact, the he and the she of the thing, the how of overcoming the issue, the what does it actually mean. It’s the not knowing.

Gather your team, take out your whiteboard pen, fire up your spreadsheet.

Work it through. Is the leg bone still connected to the thigh bone, does Tab A still fit in Slot B, do the dominoes still fall? Where are the breaks, what happens if, how would we cross this cravasse and summit that hill? What in the spaceship is good? Who do we know who could help? What’s under that rock? Where else could we go?

Skippy strategy: Lay it out. Cover the bases. Now you know.