April 28, 2022

Not that busy


You’re busy, they’re busy, everyone’s busy – all busy doing the things you’re already committed to doing. Email, meetings, managing, the actual work, creating, building, defending, maintaining. Busy. Then it happens, a new idea – maybe yours, maybe from outside the circle, a customer, a partner, some bright spark. An idea with legs, an idea that can take you places. How do you resource it, when everyone’s busy doing their stuff?

Most times you assume that you’re not that busy really, and that you can squeeze this in with enough time and focus to give it good chance – even if you can’t.

Some times, respectfully, you just say No.

Once in a while the idea is so bright and the possibility so shiny that you take it seriously. You clear the decks, you focus, you sacrifice, and you work with purpose.

Skippy strategy: To give it a chance, focus and sacrifice.