August 23, 2016

Primary purpose


On the assumption that there can be only one primary purpose … what’s yours?

Organisationally it might be known as your mission or purpose – something that get’s dragged out, polished up or continually reinforced, depending on your application.

I’m not talking about that.

And I’m not talking about your job title. That’s a label that’s more about perceptions than actual work.

I’m talking about you, in your job, where you work. Your prime responsibility.

What is it?

The sentence starts with, “To … “

How does it end?

To generate sales, to build operations, to develop the product, to manage finances, to catalyse the team.

Of course you’ll have plenty of secondary responsibilities too, but what is prime?

The first thing you should think about in the morning? Now, what’s the first thing you though about this morning?

Know your prime purpose, and put your primary effort there.

Skippy strategy: Beware of distractions.