January 30, 2024

Putting it here


Everybody wants what they want.

The first game is to get them to be specific – to agree a goal and a coherent set of features or functions or outputs or outcomes that absolutely-definitely will satisfy their needs. Some know from the start, some wait to be led, some just want you to take their problems away (however you do it). Getting definitive – or something close to it – can be the hardest part.

And then … mid-way … the flux phase – “maybe you could add x,” “what if we change y?” “how about putting it here rather than there?” – where what was settled moves out, and chrome and change move in.

And it never stops.

Remind them of the goals. Be pragmatic. Be explicit about changes, add time or subtract an equivalent effort, and always – always – shoulder-to-shoulder in front of the schedule.

Skippy strategy: Reality demands flexibility whilst keeping the process honest.