February 22, 2020

Ready to go

Cold Drinks

Being ready to go means just one thing.

It means … Ready. To. Go.

It means doing all the necessary preparation, putting the things you need in place and arranging everything so they’re lined up in your kit bag right there when the time comes. It means being in the right place at the right time, anticipating, waiting for the flag to drop and the action to start. Ready … steady …

It doesn’t mean running late. It doesn’t mean still making coffee as the bell rings. It doesn’t mean catching up on email as the lights go down. It doesn’t mean skim reading the briefing when you’re in the cab already twenty-seven minutes late for the meeting. It doesn’t mean keeping everyone waiting in the lobby. It doesn’t mean yet another overrun.

Maybe there’s only one person in the room ready to go. Make it you.

Skippy strategy: Get ready, get set …