September 10, 2020

Strap in


There’s always more to be done and more you could do. The work of the day-to-day is never ending and non stop. You do the work, then there’s more work to do, you do that and your inbox fills again.

The question isn’t, are we doing enough, or, how could we do more?, it’s, how can we do less? How can we stop doing the things that don’t move us forward, how can we stop having internal issues that make work for ourselves, how can we eliminate wasting time chasing ourselves around and digging ourselves the holes we’ve throw ourselves down?

The fastest route to being personally more productive, get out of your own way. The fastest route to making your team more productive, get them out of their way. The fastest way to do both, do it properly the first time around.

Skippy strategy: Strap in and do it right.