April 14, 2017

Straw man

Monkey man

Sometimes the answer is clear. If we do this, and this, and this, then that will happen, and we’re sorted.

Most times though, it’s a little more difficult. Nothing is clear. Not the answer, not the question, maybe not even the subject we’re trying to talk about. All we know is that something has to change.

But where to start?



Umm. Hmmm.

How about everywhere. How about we just write down everything we know about it? What’s good and what’s bad. What he said, what she said. Everything.

Then, how about we come up with a crazy-stupid straw man that won’t survive the end of the meeting, let alone first engagement? How about we just kinda-sorta jump to an end point, any end point, and then bat it about? And the batting will inform the actual plan?

How ‘bout we get started?

Skippy strategy: Start with straw.