April 13, 2017

Scraped knees

Tree surgeon

In a steady-state business, where nothing really changes except the date and a face every now and again, the job of management is mostly about efficiency, effectiveness and the odd bit of firefighting.

If efficiency and effectiveness are off kilter, fires will rage and you’ll spend a lot of your time dousing flames and shouting over the noise. If they’re kept in balance, firefighting is minimal and life can be pretty relaxed.

So much for steady-state.

The rest of us – that’s you and me – breaking new ground, climbing mountains and tearing up trees, we have to get used to scraped knees. We trip up, take miss-steps. We fail at the first hurdle, or the last, or any place in between. There’s no path forward that doesn’t involve stumbling.

No “pretty relaxed”.

That’s not why we do this.

Skippy strategy: Stop being scared; get used to scraped knees.