November 6, 2018

The details


In every project, every day, there’s an opportunity to get things right and to get things wrong. Accepting that wrong is possible is the start, striving for right is the rest of the race.

Strive for dotting every i and crossing every t. Push for on time on budget delivery, error free invoices, completing the backlog, returning every call, clearing down your inbox.

The difference between the people everyone wants on their team and everyone else? They manage the details. They get things done. They don’t stop at ideas – though they’re bursting with them – they narrow them down and follow them through.

The difference between the projects that promise and the project that succeed? They manage the details. They seek out the little things that hold together the big things and they push all the pieces into the right place.

Skippy strategy: Eyes wide open – dealing with the details.