April 20, 2017

The right one


Are you, is it … ready?

When do you take it out to see the world and let the world consider it’s merits? When it’s an idea, a proof of concept, a prototype, a first cut, final cut, full production model? At what point do you stop asking for opinions and start asking for money? When do you push the button on the socialising, the schmoozing, the marketing, the selling?

It depends on who you’re talking to.

Some people get excited and see opportunity in a notion – they’ll dig in right beside you. Some see nothing but problems until the finished article rolls off the conveyor belt and into their life, fully formed and brightly polished. And there’s every type in between.

No matter where you are in the process, there’s a wrong person to talk to next, and a right person.

Find the right one.

Skippy strategy: Target the type, then the person.