June 4, 2020

The washing up


Once in a while you come to the end of a thing. Something that had life and energy comes to and end and you have to deal with the washing up. It’s the end of the party, pretty much everyone’s gone home and it’s left to the remaining few to knuckle down and tidy away the dishes. Nobody enjoys this stuff. Nobody wants to do it. But sometimes, it’s the only thing to do.

There are two ways to go: with resentment or matter of fact.

It’s easy to agree that resentment gets you nowhere except wasted energy as you flail around and attack anything and everything in reach. Easy to agree, but easy to get stuck in a loop too. Break out. Break into the mundane acceptance of matter of fact. Roll your sleeves up, remove the emotion, and get on with getting on.

Skippy strategy: Get over it.