January 24, 2019

They believe


You know that feeling you get when someone says they believe in you, you’re on to something, you’ve got what it takes, you can do it. That down your spine feeling, the ten foot tall feeling, the tightening of your throat feeling. The feeling that you actually are on to something, you have got what it takes and you absolutely can do it. That feeling of confidence. And with that feeling, the actions and attitude that came along for the ride.

Thing is, why wait? Why wait for some external affirmation? Why not remember the last time it happened, remember that feeling, remember what was happening around that time … and find what resonates. And use that to find the confidence again. And use that confidence to do the things with an attitude that’s so compelling that people start believing in you anyway.

Skippy strategy: Not arrogance – the confidence of the doer.