October 2, 2021

When they blink


Things will go bad. Not always. Not everything. But sometimes, despite best efforts, things will go bad. When that happens, of course you have to deal with the issues, and of course you’ll feel bad about the badness, and of course, eventually, there’ll be an end to it and you’ll get back to something more like business as usual.

Knowing that bad things will happen, and knowing that you can deal with them when they do, it makes sense to set up systems that alert you at the earliest opportunity.

It’s better to know.

When you know, the good news about the bad news is that you saw it coming. You were able to sort it out, to mitigate its impact, to keep everyone so well informed that the thing going bad wasn’t so bad after all.

Skippy strategy: Set up early warning systems and pay attention when they blink.