December 20, 2021

With baby steps

St Pancras

One leap after another. From the spark of the spark of the idea, some heroic efforts, a couple of breakthroughs. Ta da! We did it. You did it. Like magic.

In the morning, back in the real world, there are no leaps. Only baby steps. From one tiny-tiny step to the next tiny-tiny step. Everything connected. Forwards and backwards, a side step, more forwards, more backwards.

Baby steps are how things get done. Work the problem. Over or around Sometimes under.

Baby steps get you going, take you from this place to the next, give you progress, and eventually … get you there.

Giant leaps happen. Breakthroughs happen. Bursts of progress happen, take them when they come, they’re just not something you should bank on. Place your bets on small, incremental, connected, continuous, frustrating, additive, tomorrow and the next day, relentless effort. 

Skippy strategy: Making progress means progressing with baby steps.