August 24, 2021

You commit


Do the things you commit to doing.

Let’s say there are two kinds of commitments. Process and outcomes. Same as objectives.

Process commitments are the ones where you say you will perform a task, like running four days a week, or talking to the customer, or interviewing the candidate, or putting Tab A into Slot B. They’re actions you’ll take that are all about doing things, processes. If you consider your resources before committing, there’s no reason why you can’t fulfil on the commitment.

Outcome commitments are the ones that involve things outside of your control, like winning the race, or landing the customers, or hiring the candidate, or inventing Slot B. However carefully considered, there’s always a risk. Do everything you can do, and be prepared to support the steps you took on the way.

Skippy strategy: Always fulfil on process commitments, no excuses. Always be accountable for outcome commitments.