April 1, 2016

A call for gumption


Bringing new things to the world is an unknown journey. What looks like a daunting mountain at the start can turn into rolling foot hill when you get there. You’ll find fast tracks and slow going in unexpected places.

However well you plan the route, you’re always guessing.

That could be a reason to hold back, to plan harder, to think again, to gather just a bit more intelligence and talk to a few more people. Could be.

Or … just as much reason and far more interesting … to trust your gut, to rely on smarts, to gather your team, to commit to the course and head for the road.

The decision to go is the hardest to make, but out on the road life is less complicated. With your head down and few distractions, it’s surprising just how quickly you can go.

Skippy strategy: Moving forward takes a little bit of gumption.