October 27, 2015

A can’t go wrong thing


There’s always a heap of effort to set things up. Pulling the pieces into one place and getting them working together. It’s the stuff of startups and new product teams and event managers and the baby steps of every idea that goes beyond the page.

A bit of luck, a lot of sweat, some following winds … ta da!

We did it.

It works.

For some, that’s enough. They walk away.

Maybe it really was a one time affair – the pulling together was everything.

Other times, maybe it’s just about appearances or it’s someone else’s job to drive it from here. That the beginning is as far as they go.

For others, they keep at it until it works. Not just the first time, but every time. Until every kink is straightened and all the points are sharp. Until it can’t go wrong.

First question: is this a one time thing, a get it going thing, or a can’t go wrong thing.

Skippy Strategy: Around the table – you, your team and partners, the customer – make sure everyone agrees what kind of thing this is.