January 27, 2019

A reliable timeline


There’s always the question of when to go to market. When’s the right time to tell the world what you’re working on? At the beginning, to get their insights whilst the ideas are still in the soup. In the middle, as you’re making progress and can imagine the finish line. At the end, ta da!

As soon as you can – because you need that insight. Clever as you are, you just aren’t as smart as everyone else put together, so run your fingers through the sand to find some treasure. Forget the product. Go early with many questions and an open mind.

Not too soon – because it’s easy to get excitement, but you’ll blow it if the delivery is way out of whack with their expectations. Go slow without a reliable timeline.

Between the extremes – talk to people you trust.

Skippy strategy: The market will be there when you need it.