January 28, 2019

An extra percent


As a manager, we have staff who contribute above and below the mean.

If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunities and smart enough to do something about ti, the high achievers are on their way to bigger and better. 

The low achievers …

If the mean is already low, you have to take action. Find ways to motivate better performance or find better performers who already have the motivation. Probably some of both.

But if the mean is plenty high enough? 

You might wish for a team of superstars, but what you have are solid performers – and most of the rest of us would gladly have a few more of them in our tree. Sure, they could pull out an extra percent or two, put in another hour – but consider your rare position before you try to break it.

Skippy strategy: It’s not about the mean, it’s about performance.