July 29, 2022

Always win-win


Win-lose might be good for you, if you’re on the win- side and don’t care about a relationship with whoever is the loser. Maybe. Maybe you’ll never need them again, like when they’re selling a commodity or you’re spoilt for customers. Maybe. Maybe all you need to care about is the short term. Maybe the only thing that matters (in your heart) is that you won (and who cares about anything else?).

Win-win is a better bet. Because, word of mouth counts, because the next call maybe the big call (the biggest call?), because working with people who want to work with you (and do it again) is better than the alternative.

The aim is balance. Sure, you want to do well for yourself, your team, your organisation – but doing well isn’t always about winning today, it’s about winning tomorrow too, and that takes friends.

Skippy strategy: Always, always win-win.