July 28, 2022

The default choice

Well-worn path

It’s a complicated world and all your colleagues in all their organisations are working all their magic to make it more so. More choice. More options. More variables. More. More. More. So we have twenty-eight types of bollard. Twenty-eight different ways of separating lanes of traffic. Permanent, temporary, short, fat, thin, tall, coloured, concrete, plastic, pretty, brutal. All with their benefits, all with their downsides – all a choice that someone has to make. 

And making choices is hard. It takes effort. It means going a different way from the one they know to work. It means business cases and defensible positions. It means putting their head over the parapet.

So don’t be surprised when the default choice is along a well-worn path that was made by someone else a long time ago.

Make the choice easier, not with complications, with trusted recommendations.

Skippy strategy: Trusted recommendations will beat a new path.