July 27, 2022

The other things


Can you do it? Not, do you have the skills to do it. Not, do you have the equipment. Not, do you have the staff. But, do you have the time to do it – do you, we, have enough space in our diaries, taking into account all the other things to which we’ve already committed, and allowing for some thrashing and maybe a little down-time, to fit it in alongside all those other things. And, for added value, can we prioritise it, do we want to and do we think we should?

Most times we’re asked to do thing we can do. We have all the talents and the tools and the training, but to we have the time, do we have the inclination?

Can we do it? Do we want to?

Skippy strategy: Can you do it? First ook in your heart, then look in your diary. Be honest.