July 26, 2022

Data missing


Sometimes there’s some data missing. A key fact. An indicator. A number or a name or a something that make the difference between guessing and knowing. The data exists, somewhere.

Two choices.

Get on with it anyway – triangulate what you know, put it together way a best guess, go from there. That’ll get you going and you can fill in the leaps of faith whenever you find some more actual data.

Find it – put the work into building the systems you need to surface the data. Maybe it’s nothing more than a phone call, maybe it’s an entirely new arm of you MI, maybe it will take you three months. And when you know, you know.

The third choice – acting blindly without a care, blundering on regardless – might work. Less of a choice … more of a gamble.

Skippy strategy: Active choices, eyes wide open, fill the gaps whenever you can.