June 15, 2019

And react


You can certainly plan. You should plan. You should have a decent idea about where you’re headed and how to get there.

But the biggest successes come from reacting to the things you find along the way.

It starts before the start. The initial plan is always called for because of some reaction to the reality you’ve find and a belief it could/should be done better/smarter.

As you travel, you meed obstacles and opportunities, come across new intelligence that makes you look afresh, and compelling feedback that makes you recalibrate or reset or renew.

At the end, as you see the where and the how of your destination, you find it’s not what you imagined and it’s time to think about the next thing on the next horizon.

The plan is never perfect and it’s your reactions that really count.

Skippy strategy: Pay attention and react along the way.