June 14, 2019

Push back


Doesn’t matter what kind of change you’re bringing into the world, it odds on that you’ll be blatzed with three kinds of resistance.

Organisational gotchas that get-ya – doing new things means changing things that have been working up until now. And the thing about things that work … everything else had been made to fit around them. So changing this bit means changing that bit. And that’s a bigger job than it seemed. And some of those bits push back.

The technology – either it’s not ready or it’s difficult to integrate or it puts a strain elsewhere or it’s a narrow throated bottleneck or we don’t know the how of the who of what to do with it.

The human – anyone who helped create or is dependent on the current way is likely to run interference. Not always, but often.

Skippy strategy: Accept resistance as training to get stronger.