August 4, 2018

Before you build it


Customers aren’t very good at telling you what they want when they don’t already have it. Sure, they’re good at saying what they don’t like about something, how it fails, how they’re let down here and here and here. They’re just not very good at defining the future.

Which kinda-sorta sounds like a free pass for you working it out for them. And it kinda-sorta is. Right up to the point where you invest time and resources building something – only then to discover that you got it absolutely backwards.

The problem is in the kinda-sorta.

Before you build it, before you go running down a blind alley, before you get emotionally invested in something because you ”just know, ok“ … ask.

Ask them, is this what you mean? Ask, would this solve the problem? Ask, how about this?

Skippy strategy: Don’t act on what you believe, act on what you know.