February 18, 2018

Blank smiles

Southern Pacific

Ever been in that situation where you didn’t have a clue what someone was talking about? They used jargon, spoke fast, didn’t check for comprehension, gambled on relying on received knowledge that was anything but.

And being the smart and self confident person that you are you said … hang on a second, I don’t understand, would you explain … ?

Problem is … not everyone is self confident enough to volunteer the holes in their knowledge or the speed of their understanding. Most people are likely to let you gamble on, nodding and smiling in what they hope are the right places.

And the problem with that is … both of you have pretty much wasted your time.

So slow down. Check in real-time that they’re unravelling your thought process. Don’t use jargon without certainty.

If it’s a dialogue, make sure it’s two way.

If it’s presentation, be careful.

Skippy strategy: Look for blank smiles.