March 27, 2021

Can explain


The basis of bringing people with you is describing what you’re up to and why. It starts with some context and a goal, and runs from one end of the project to the other with actions and milestones. It’s ok to have blank spaces and place holders, nobody expects all the answers on day one. Along the way, to keep everyone travelling together, you give them the blow by blow of progress and what comes next, and blockers and what you’re doing it about it.

The problems come when you can’t explain things. Can’t explain at the beginning, can’t explain in the middle, can’t explain the timeline, can’t explain the why of actions, can’t explain the plan or what’s being done to keep going or get back on track.

If you can’t explain, you lose them. If they can’t explain, same outcome.

Skippy strategy: Build on people who can explain.