March 26, 2021

Pick one


Bless those days when every option is good. You’re in decision making mode, and everyone agrees that all choices are just about as good as each other – they still advocate for their favourites, because its blue, because of the relationship, because we’re using their stuff already – but they’re all the kind of choice that come without risk.

Damn those days when every option is good. When it comes down to it, nothing stands out, so why would we should we could we pick one over the others? Let’s just keep on digging to make sure we’re making the best possible choice.

Like walking past twenty restaurants in the resort town – they’re all as good as each other – it’s just a waste of time.

If none stand out, and they’re all good, pick one and get on with the next thing on the list.

Skippy strategy: Make the choice and move on.